My Favorite Outfits of the Oscars 2014


Jennifer Lawrence- Wow! Red looks so great on her, and so does this style of dress! Isn’t she just gorgeous?


Amy Adams- Simple but utterly sexy. This dress is just amazing. And, I love how it represents the role she played in American Hustle! Just amazing Amy, well done.


Jared Leto- I LOVE bowties! I cannot stress that enough! His outfit is unique, unlike most of the men at the Oscars, and I love that! Also, nobody ever does a “best dressed” on men, so here’s one!


Lupita Nyong’o- Just gorgeous. The color- amazing. The cut- amazing. The dress in general- amazing. This was my favorite dress at the oscars- BY FAR. And it also reminded me of Marilyn Monroe, who I also LOVE. And on top of all that, she won an Oscar and her speech was just AMAZING. I think it made everyone watching tear up! (Including Benedict Cumberbatch, for those Sherlockians out there)

I can’t wait for the Oscars next year, and by that time I’ll be in New York for fashion school! So I’d probably end up doing a project on it! I know the dresses next year are just going to get better! (Maybe, but how can you get much better than this?)



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